How a Tax Lawyer Resolves your IRS Problems?- Learn Here!

If you’re facing an IRS tax audit, it’s highly likely that you’ll need the assistance of an IRS tax relief lawyer. The tax code is extremely complex, and it can take years to understand it. It’s easy to get lost in the many regulations, forms, and instructions. It’s not uncommon for a taxpayer to go months without making any income tax payments at all. Unless you’re experienced with the IRS tax code, this can make you a prime candidate for an audit.


IRS audit lawyer VAOne of the first things you want to do before deciding to hire an IRS tax relief lawyer is decide what your tax liability situation is. Only file an income tax return if you’re absolutely certain that you owe no more back taxes than you’ll be paying. It’s usually not a good idea to even attempt to claim deductions if you’re not sure about the amount of income tax you owe. That’s why it’s so important to use the services of a tax resolution professional to help you through the process.


In addition to your criminal and civil tax liabilities, there are other issues that may arise during an audit. One of these is an issue of US tax lien. If the IRS seizes property or assets because you owe them money, you could face jail time if you don’t appoint a tax lien agent to retrieve the property or assets. Even worse, if the IRS seizes property or assets without just cause, you may face criminal charges, said an IRS audit lawyer VA.


If you owe back taxes, but don’t think you owe criminal tax liability, then you may qualify for a tax resolution. This can include: Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreement, IRS Payment Modification, and Currently Not Collectible status. Look for a tax lawyer that has experience with these issues so you won’t have any surprises later on. Some tax lawyers are specialists at each of these. Ask your potential tax lawyer which of these best describes your situation. Once you know how to best go about dealing with the back taxes, you will be on your way to getting the relief you deserve.


When you owe criminal tax liability, there are actually several ways to legally get out of jail. You might be able to negotiate with the IRS to have your penalties reduced or forgiven altogether. If you can’t do this, consider hiring a tax lawyer to make this for you. Hiring one to negotiate on your behalf can save you in both tax fines and time spent in jail. If your tax liabilities are large, hire multiple tax attorneys so they can negotiate with multiple government agencies for bigger tax breaks or reduced penalties.


Tax fraud is a serious charge, though. If you’ve been accused of criminal tax fraud, you’ll probably have to go to jail. Before you go to jail, however, you should consult with a tax lawyer who can advise you on your tax liability relief, such as consideringmitigation or sealing your record with the IRS.


Many times people are wrongly accused of criminal tax fraud when they’re actually innocent. When this happens, the IRS can make additional demands on your assets or interest payments. The IRS will usually want proof that you did not directly benefit from the fraudulent transaction, but hiring a tax lawyer can give you an advantage in court. In order to be completely innocent, you must be able to prove that the transaction did not affect you, your income, and/or property.

As we’ve discussed, tax relief services are designed to give you options if you’re facing criminal tax charges. This article should have given you some ideas about what to look for when you’re trying to hire a tax lawyer. We wrote this article as a general guide, and it’s important that you discuss these issues with a tax lawyer that you trust implicitly. There are many law firms that offer tax relief services. It is up to you to find the firm that will treat you right, and help to ease your suffering while helping you pay your overdue taxes.

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